Spencer Smith

EP005: Perspectives of a Tackling Expert with Spencer Smith

From tackling people to tackling the business world. Eric welcomes, Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. Spencer is from Marietta, Georgia and attended college at the University of Hawaii where he played football and was a tackling machine. Spencer currently trains young kids, college athletes, and NFL players on the art of tackling. Due to an increase in head injuries in football and due to a decrease in youth participation in the sport combined with his love for the game, Spencer created Triple H Tackling Academy. He knows that in a controlled and educated environment, football while it is a physical sport can be safe. In this episode they talk about football, building a unique business, and how to tackle properly.

Spencer provides unique insights on being a student athlete and building a unique business. For the entrepreneur, learning how to build a niche business around your passion will help you enjoy your journey like never before. Spencer provides examples from his time on the football field and how football and business go hand in hand.