Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Cause Leader: Brady Murray

EP024: Perspectives of a Cause Leader with Brady Murray

The person you become is determined by the books you read and the people you surround yourself with. Eric welcomes Brady Murray to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode they talk about Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome (RODS), getting caught up in a cause, and reading. 

Brady Murray is the CEO of Mass Mutual Intermountain West and Founder of RODS Racing. Brady’s company, Mass Mutual Intermountain West is a financial planning firm that puts families first. In many businesses that is corporate speak, but Brady leads his firm by living it. And he carries this on with his ultimate cause: finding homes for orphans with down syndrome. Brady lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and 5 children. 

Brady brings perspective of an incredible leader with the ultimate positive mindset. His story is one for the ages and any business owner, racer, or individual can learn from Brady. 

Eric also questions Brady on training for races, financial planning, and social media. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about the books he is reading, his most important phone app, and his favorite sports team.