perspectives on business from an eleven year old

EP028: Perspectives on Business From an Eleven Year Old with Aliyah

It’s never to early to get started on your entrepreneurial journey. Eric welcomes Aliyah to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode they talk about writing stories, Instagram, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

This is a very special episode as Eric interviews his daughter, Aliyah. This episode gets into the perspectives on business from an eleven year old. When we first created this podcast, we wanted to interview all types of entrepreneurs. And that included the up and coming entrepreneurs. We feel we can learn from entrepreneurs of all levels. And Eric learns from his daughter every day – from her kindness, to her passion in learning, to her creative ways.

This was a fun episode for many reasons including the ridiculous bloopers. We can learn a lot by the actions of our youth. And to ask questions of them not only leads to a lot of genuine answers, but also answers that can help us think differently about our business.

Eric also questions Aliyah on her favorite phone app, guitar playing, and what it’s like to be a middle child. 

Our guest brings perspective on the future generation of the business world, who also understands what other young individuals are thinking. With her social media experience and entrepreneurial spirit, we are excited to have our youngest guest ever on the show!