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EP035: Perspectives on Building Your Content Marketing Strategy with Eric Kasimov

This a Q&A freestyle episode which is at the core of what we do–helping you build and protect your business. In this episode we get into the questions from our audience including our clients and the business owners we chat with on a consistent basis and you, our listeners. We hope the perspectives on content marketing strategy we discuss help drive new opportunities for your business.

This episode continues with the format from last week. 

The feedback we received on last weeks “training” episode led to more questions so we are back for another episode like it. We also want to feature some clients of ours because we are proud of the work they are doing—and they offer great examples of strategy you can use in your business. 

In this marketing episode, we discuss a Facebook Community, SEO, and pushups.

0:59 | Facebook Community

4:56 | Pushups4Parkinsons – starting a cause

8:10 | Erie and Anchor – side hustle

10:16 | Nextdoor App

14:45 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

22:37 | Creating Content within your content marketing strategy