Entrepreneur Perspectives on Small Business with Cynthia Kay

EP039: Perspectives on Small Business with Cynthia Kay

Introducing your communication and small business expert. Our guest today is Cynthia Kay. Cynthia is a known speaker, author, and communicator. She is also a spokesperson for small business and is the President of Cynthia Kay and Company — a video production company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Her expertise for conference events includes communication makeovers, leadership, corporate video production, presentation and media training. She even creates customized presentations on a variety of topics for groups, networks, events, and businesses. You can schedule Cynthia to speak or host a workshop at your next event by visiting cynthiakaybiz.com. 

You will hear Cynthia and I discuss these 5 topics and more: 

4:50 | The National Small Business Association (NSBA) 

17:40 | Hiring 

24:55 | The importance of video 

34:30 | Event speaking 

42:10 | Her dad, the dry cleaner