Smashing the Plateau Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

EP047: Smashing the Plateau Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

Becoming an entrepreneur. This episode is a guest appearance Eric Kasimov had on the Smashing the Plateau podcast. This hit podcast hosted by David Shriner-Cahn is a show that helps entrepreneurs overcome the roadblocks on their way to success. 

David asked Eric to come onto his podcast and talk about how we created a content marketing company and how other entrepreneurs can apply these ideas to their business. 

Thank you to David and the Smashing the Plateau podcast. It was an absolute honor for us to be featured by them and we would encourage you to check out their podcast on Apple or Stitcher. 

In this episode, David and Eric discuss: becoming an entrepreneur, content marketing as the ultimate insurance policy, and finding 1 fan.