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Perspectives from a Software Engineer Entrepreneur: Carl Finch | EP

EP058: Perspectives from a Software Engineer Entrepreneur with Carl Finch

Disrupting the industry that disrupts. Our guest today is Carl Finch. Carl is the owner and CEO of AabaBot. In this episode we discuss AabaBot, going against the grain, and persistence.  

AabaBot is a SaaS platform that helps startups and small business’s build their software solutions that tailors their business needs in a fast automated fashion. Using aabaBot proprietary technology anyone can build their dream software by following a 3 step wizard within aabaBot to have a system auto-generate the source code for their web app needs.  

Carl enjoys building new disruptive technologies that haven’t been thought of yet. He currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  

With Carl’s compelling stories from the software industry to building his business, we are excited to share Carl’s story with you.