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Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner: Tara Belzer

Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner with Tara Belzer

Improving the lives of a human’s best friend. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Tara Belzer, owner of Pet in the City. Pet in the City is conveniently located at 9600 Monroe Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tara has compelling insights into the fascinating pet industry. With that and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, … Read more

Social Media Pretender | KazShort | Content Marketing at KazCM

KazShort | Don’t Be a Social Media Pretender

Are you real or are you a pretender? You can lose the trust of potential clients based off of your social media activity. Engaging with potential clients and individuals on social media can spark a major boost in business. In this episode, Eric Kasimov discusses how good content and activity on social media goes a long way.

Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of why you should not pretend on social media.