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Perspectives on Running an Internet Company: Chris Parker | EP Podcast

EP063: Perspectives on Building an Internet Company with Chris Parker

Imagine starting an internet company 20 years ago. Our guest today is Chris Parker, founder and CEO of   

Eighteen years ago when the internet was a desolate place, Chris created a site that now consistently gets six million visitors per month and generates almost seven figures per year.  

Chris has leveraged his technical background and interests managing for 18 years and has turned it into a thriving business teaching people about privacy and online safety. 

In this episode, we discuss starting an internet business in the year 2000, running an online business today, and IP addresses. 

With Chris’s compelling stories and expertise about IP Addresses and running an internet company, we are excited to share his story with you. 

KazShort Podcast | Create Unique Content on LinkedIn | Marketing

KazShort | Create Unique Content on LinkedIn

Have you ever seen employees from the same company post the same content continuously on LinkedIn? We sure have.  Don’t you think LinkedIn sees this too? Many professionals in larger companies are not posting unique content on LinkedIn which creates a bad look for them. In this episode, Eric Kasimov and Jared Nichols discuss how creating unique content on LinkedIn will help build new relationships for you and your business.   

Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of why you should create unique content on LinkedIn.