Perspectives of an Entrepreneurial Actor: Rodney Damon Collins | PodKaz

EP078: Perspectives of an Entrepreneurial Actor with Rodney Damon Collins

Taking the leap to pursue your passion. Our guest today is Rodney Damon Collins, Actor, Motivational Speaker, and Author.  

In this episode we discuss acting, overcoming mental obstacles, and building a personal brand.   


After a long journey of giving back overseas, Rodney currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he is growing his acting career.  

You can catch Rodney as “Dr. Watson” on Amazon Prime’s Chosen Kin Origins.  

Rodney’s examples of fighting through adversity, having no excuses, and putting in the work were on full display in our chat. His success on and off the screen have us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Rodney Damon Collins.