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The Artificial Why | Entrepreneur Perspectives Guest Blog

The Artificial Why

Eric has talked about the importance of finding your why, and even discussed how to motivate yourself by triggering your why. And he’s right—staying focused on the reason you’re working so hard is absolutely crucial. But what do you do when your why isn’t enough? I’m not talking about whys that are themselves weak. Like, … Read more

Perspectives on Mental Health in Hockey: Jake Newton | PodKaz

EP081 | Perspectives on Mental Health in Hockey with Jake Newton

Jake is from Cleveland, Ohio and is currently playing hockey in Finland for JYP in the Finnish top division Liiga.  He also spent some time in the AHL and ECHL. In this chat, you’ll hear John Priore a content marketer at our company, handle this interview as I was out sick! John was most impressed with how Jake has been able to overcome mental obstacles.   As a mental health advocate, Jake is focusing on building his brand off the ice with public speaking around the importance of mental health and performance at a high level.  His success on and off the ice have us so excited to feature him on this podcast. We hope you enjoy the conversation with Jake Newton.