Chimdi Chekwa | Ohio State Buckeyes to NFL to Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP091 | Ohio State Buckeyes to NFL to Entrepreneurship with Chimdi Chekwa

The Ohio State Way. Our guest today is Chimdi Chekwa, current NFL free agent and entrepreneur.  

In this episode, we discuss life in the NFL, sports and business, and the Ohio State Buckeyes culture.  


Chimdi is a former Ohio State Buckeyes football player and current entrepreneur as a co-owner of The Pit BBQ Grille in Columbus, Ohio. He also has his hands in other ventures that we touch on in this chat. 

You may remember Chimdi from his days with the Ohio State Buckeyes, where he was a first-team All American cornerback. After college, Chimdi was drafted in the fourth round by the Oakland Raiders in the 2011 NFL Draft.  

Through much perseverance and motivation, Chimdi gives us insight around why he is so passionate about sports and entrepreneurship.   

Chimdi’s examples of self-awareness and constant improvement were on full display in our chat. His incredible mindset and desire to succeed has us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  And any time I get to talk Buckeye football, I’m taking it! 

And with so much to talk about…let’s get right into this episode and welcome, Ohio State Buckeye great, Chimdi Chekwa.  

We hope you enjoy this episode with Chimdi Chekwa.