Creating a Community with Michael Frolichstein of The Celiac Project | EP

EP103 | Creating a Community with Michael Frolichstein of The Celiac Project

Making a positive impact on the Celiac community. Michael Frolichstein, leader of The Celiac Project, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss the Celiac Project, creating a community, and why podcasting matters. 

The Celiac Project includes a documentary film and The Celiac Project Podcast. 

We came to learn about Michael and the amazing things he is doing for the Celiac community through his podcast. Eric’s wife had been diagnosed with Celiacs. And in an effort to learn more about it, he sought out content and Mike’s podcast has been incredibly helpful in many ways—ways they discuss in this conversation.  

While this episode gets into celiacs and gluten-free topics, it can apply to anyone going through any adversity or anyone looking to bring a community together, or anyone looking to create content around a passion of their own.  

We also hope this episode can in some way create awareness around Celiacs disease. And of course show off the amazing work Mike and his podcast partner Cam Weiner are doing with their podcast and their communinity leadership. 

I obviously have a lot of thoughts around celiacs and gluten-free topics that I wanted to talk through—who better to do this with than a leader like Michael who is a film maker, content producer, and business owner. 

I’m grateful Michael has given us his time to have this discussion. And I’m grateful for the work Michael does every day. It goes to show you that if you encounter an obstacle and/or a passion- that you can lean into it and create content that helps people.  

We are excited to feature Michael Frolichstein on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast.