About KazSource, Inc

KazSource, Inc is a dynamic company managing a diverse portfolio of brands and ventures in content creation, podcasting, sports media, mental health, insurance brokerage, and entrepreneurial projects, all aimed at empowering executives, entrepreneurs, and encore careerists.

At the heart of KazSource, Inc is our passion for helping leaders create content that improves lives, content to be proud of, and content that fosters community. Our content marketing brand, KazCM, is dedicated to making content creation enjoyable and effective, providing a range of services from podcast production to blog writing, website development, and social media management.

SportsEpreneur, our digital sports media brand and production company for executives and entrepreneurs engaged in sports creates content around sports, entrepreneurship, and mental health topics, serving as a platform for engagement, connection, and inspiration. Sports is a universal language that creates endless opportunities for discussion and learning. At SE, we take advantage of this to explore a wide range of topics related to the sports world. Through our content and collaborations, we provide a voice to many, showcasing our fascination for sports and entrepreneurship.

Our insurance brokerage brand, KazSource Insurance, supports financial advisors, banks, property and casualty agencies, and insurance agents by providing point-of-sale and consultative support, backend support, and insurance carrier access.

Eric Kasimov
Founder / CEO
Shane Snively
MBA, MA, CFO, Partner, Finance
Scott Upton
Technical Project Manager