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Are You Covered in the Event of A Natural Disaster?

If a natural disaster were to occur tomorrow, are you prepared to face the aftermath? Natural disasters can destroy your car, your home, or even your source of income in an instant. You could be left without any of the comforts that you have worked so hard to own, or worse the necessaries you need to survive.

Are you aware that your homeowners insurance might not cover the damage brought on by winter storms and extreme cold, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or even floods? These natural disasters affect thousands of people every year. Your homeowners insurance may cover minimal damage, but read your policy closely to make certain as to which types of damage are covered.

Ask yourself, “are you covered in the event of a natural disaster”? Speak with your insurance agent and ask them exactly what your policy covers in the event that a natural disaster destroys your home, as well as physical belongings, etc. You should review all of your insurance policies each year to make sure that all of your belongings are covered.

To further prepare for these events you need to take stock of what you own, and what it would cost to repair, or replace these items if they are damaged. If you have purchased new beds or new furniture during the previous year you want to make sure that your insurance agent is aware of these items, and the value of the items. Take pictures of all of your belongings and keep them in a safe deposit box instead of in the home. Keep all of your titles and deeds in a safe deposit box as well, so they too are protected in the event of a natural disaster. These important papers will be needed when you start to file claims on your insurance to replace the items you have lost.

You should know what your insurance is covering in the event that you are a victim of a natural disaster. Being prepared and knowledgeable on the subject protects yourself, your family and your overall livelihood in the wake of such a tragic event. When recovering from a disaster safety is a primary issue, as are mental and physical well-being, however knowing that you’re covered by the right types of insurance after such an event makes the recovery process faster and less stressful.

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