Insurance. Fast.

Many conversations we have with clients go like this: “I know I need life insurance and I want to protect my family and plan for the future, but I just don’t have time to go through the process.” Lucky for them, and you if you’re like the rest of us who are so overwhelmed and … Read more


Productivity Tip: Email

Is your email inbox taken over by non-essential emails? It’s okay to admit it. It is also understandable that you don’t want to hit “delete” on these or mark them as spam. However, there is a better way to deal with the clutter…create a filter! Simply create a filter in your email system for the keyword … Read more

Story: A Note Left Behind

Stories are at the heart of life insurance. We have all heard touching and tragic stories as it relates to life insurance. This story comes from an agent affiliated with our group. A client of his was buying a life insurance policy and had a need for $1,000,000. The client felt $500,000 would be adequate. After being educated on why the need was … Read more

The State of the Health Insurance Market

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1456177856754{margin-top: 60px !important;}”]With open enrollment just ending for 2016, many questions remain about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While the legislation was intended to create accessibility and affordability, there is now much uncertainty about the future of health insurance. While varying widely across state lines, the number of carriers providing individual … Read more

Alarming New Statistics

37% of Americans with children under 18 do not have any life insurance, according to an alarming new poll. And of those who do have insurance, roughly a third have no more than $100,000 of protection. This means over 20 million households with dependent children either don’t have any life insurance or don’t have close … Read more

Have You Reviewed Your Life Insurance Policy Lately?

Have you ever noticed the way life does not slow down? You have to constantly keep in motion – should your important life insurance policy suffer as a result? Being a life insurance policyholder means you know how important having protection is, for you and the people you love. Keep that protection suited to your … Read more

4 Ways to Fund a Buy-Sell Agreement

There are multiple ways you could fund a buy-sell agreement. We will explore 4 methods below: Life Insurance: A common method of funding buy-sell agreements is taking out a life insurance policy on the present business owner or owners. Following an owner’s death, this common, cost-effective method, makes cash available. Be aware that it is … Read more

The 3 Whats of a Buy-Sell Agreement

What Are Buy-Sell Agreements? Buy-sell agreements are a business strategy that creates a legally binding contract between two parties, where one party sells business interest to the other when there is a specific event or situation – such as an owner or major investor’s death, disability, or retirement. What Problem Do They Solve? A buy-sell … Read more

The Basics of a Special Needs Trust

The special needs trust is for those people who want to leave property, assets or money to beneficiaries who are disabled. It is a valuable tool to ensure the eligible beneficiary still receives Medicaid Benefits and SSI (Supplementary Security Income). It is a far better option to consider as compared to leaving cash. Leaving any … Read more

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust: A Useful Planning Tool

If you are already insurable, an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) could be a good option especially for those seeking to pass wealth to their beneficiaries while avoiding estate taxes. Life insurance owned by an insured will be included in their taxable estate. For some this is not an issue, but for others it can … Read more