Slow? Speed Up! Efficiency Wins | Entrepreneur Perspectives | Charlotte, NC

Slow? Speed Up!

Something slowing you down? Do all you can to change it and speed it up! Because Efficiency Wins. I’m waiting for the website to load. It’s taking too long. Not the normal two-second delay, but a many-second delay. It’s annoying. It’s not ruining my day or anything, but it’s becoming a distraction. And distractions are…

Perspectives from The Hot Seat: The KazSource Team | EP Podcast

EP057: Perspectives from The Hot Seat with The KazSource Team

I put my employees at KazSource on the hot seat, lets get their perspectives! In this episode we discuss being coached, pulling stories, and the strategy addict. 

Our guest today is actually more than one. We are bringing to you conversations with some of the team at KazSource. Including John Priore, Scott Upton, Rudy Redmond, Stephanie Long, and Shane Snively . 

John is a content marketer  

Rudy is a business developer  

Scott is a project manager  

Stephanie is a case manager on our insurance side 


Shane is the COO at KazSource 

I ask each guest 1 question they had no time to prepare for. It’s about a topic they knowledgeable in so we get to hear raw, unedited content, advice, and thoughts from these amazing people. I’m super excited to share these conversations with you. 

With The KazSource Team’s compelling insights, we are excited to share their ideas with you. 

What To Do | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog Productivity

What To Do

I have this list of things to do. And that list. Oh and here’s another list. And I just remembered a few more things I have to take care of. I love productivity, but this, this I hate, ‘cause it’s not productive—at all. What to do: 1. Realize I will not accomplish all on this…

Life Insurance Bit | Protecting Your Business | KazSource Insurance

Life Insurance Bit | Protecting Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you need to protect your downside. In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mitch Long of KazSource Insurance to discuss key man insurance and protecting your downside. 

As an entrepreneur, you work very hard to build your business, make sure you are protecting your downside so your business can stand if a key person goes down. If a key man goes down with an illness or death, it affects the operations of your business, you need to protect that. 

In this episode, Mitch and Eric talk about what you can do to protect your downside as a business owner. Listen to this life insurance podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better overall understanding of how you can protect the downside in your business.

Shane-Snively | The Strategy Addict

EP056: Perspectives on Marketing, Sales, and Disruption with Shane Snively

Bringing the passion to your job is very important. Our guest today is Shane Snively. Shane is the COO of KazSource, Inc. 

Shane is also the owner of AWA and Chestnut Family Practice, and more than anything he dives in deep with all the clients he works with. Because of his experience, he is a wealth of knowledge. 

This episode features the best of our first episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives with Shane Snively.

In this episode we discuss marketing in 2018 and beyond, the state of sales, and disruption.  

With Shane’s compelling stories from his start in sales to building his business, we are excited to share Shane’s story with you. 

fake it - don't fake it | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog - The Strategy Addict

The Strategy Addict | Don’t Fake It

The Strategy Addict is a series of articles written by Shane Snively.   FLIP THE TACTICS  The “fake it before you make it” approach being propagated by business marketing gurus is misleading, and, dare I say, UNETHICAL. Declaring you have done something or misrepresenting your products or capabilities is lying. Lying is the first step in a…

KazShort Podcast | Improve Organic SEO for the Win | Carolina Marketing

KazShort | Improve Organic SEO for the Win

How can you rank on Google without paying a fortune? By creating unique, searchable content, your SEO ranks can improve dramatically. In this episode, Eric gives a success story of one of our clients, Garage Door and More, and how his SEO has improved. Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of how you can build your SEO organically. 

Perspectives of a Life Insurance Product Expert: Bobby Samuelson | EP

EP055: Perspectives of a Life Insurance Product Expert with Bobby Samuelson

An expert in his field. Eric welcomes life insurance product expert, Bobby Samuelson to this podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode we discuss The Life Product Review, becoming an expert, and the life insurance industry. 

The Life Product Review is a website providing independent and objective life insurance product intelligence through articles on life insurance issues and quantitative reviews of new product offerings 

Bobby is also a frequent keynote speaker at industry and corporate conferences. He has authored and co-authored articles for publications such as Trusts & Estates and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and kids.  

With Bobby’s compelling stories from the insurance industry to building his business, we are excited to share Bobby’s story with you. 

Life Insurance Bit | Life Insurance For Young Professionals | KazSource

Life Insurance Bit | Life Insurance For Young Professionals?

Are you a young professional? In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mitch Long of KazSource Insurance to discuss young professionals and life insurance.

Young professionals may not currently be in need of life insurance and term cases may never pay out for them. However, it is important to understand the life insurance process and what options you may have to protect your future. 

In this episode Mitch talks about what he would tell his younger-self about acquiring life insurance. Listen to this life insurance podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better overall understanding of how young professionals can protect their life.