Entrepreneur Perspectives on Athletes Building a Brand with Mike Vernace

EP007: Perspectives of a Professional Hockey Player with Mike Vernace

The side hustle is an amazing thing. Eric welcomes Mike Vernace of ShiftD Hockey to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. Mike lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and child. He is a professional hockey player and Co-Founder of ShiftD, where he and his team analyze and mentor hockey players. In this episode they talk about hockey, perspectives on building a business while being an athlete, and why life after sports is so important.

Mike provides unique insights on being a professional athlete and building a business at the same time. For the individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, learning how to pursue your passion while making a living is a critical step on your journey to becoming a business owner. Mike provides examples from his time on the ice and in the business world.

Eric also questions Mike on being traded, specialization in sports, and his perspective on marketing. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about the books he is reading, favorite phone apps, and of course Super Bowl (and Stanley Cup) predictions.

Rudy Redmond

EP006: Perspectives of an Efficiency Specialist with Rudy Redmond

How taking the gym with you can create balance in work and in fitness. Eric welcomes, Rudy Redmond, Insurance Coordinator at Abiding Wealth Advisors and a Business Development Associate at KazSource, Inc. In this episode they talk about taking the gym with you, perspectives on changing jobs, and Big 10 Football. 

Rudy is a “balanced” individual and he talks about that in this transparent interview. For the business owner, learning how to remain balanced yet committed to all your passions is critical to your success and enjoyment. Rudy shares his stories of hoisting the Stanley Cup at the bar he met his wife, his feelings on youth sports, and his work in the creation of knowledge centers within businesses. 

Eric also questions Rudy on what he has learned from running track at Michigan, to training athletes today, to managing efficiencies within a fortune 100 company and small businesses.

Spencer Smith

EP005: Perspectives of a Tackling Expert with Spencer Smith

From tackling people to tackling the business world. Eric welcomes, Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. Spencer is from Marietta, Georgia and attended college at the University of Hawaii where he played football and was a tackling machine. Spencer currently trains young kids, college athletes, and NFL players on the art of tackling. Due to an increase in head injuries in football and due to a decrease in youth participation in the sport combined with his love for the game, Spencer created Triple H Tackling Academy. He knows that in a controlled and educated environment, football while it is a physical sport can be safe. In this episode they talk about football, building a unique business, and how to tackle properly.

Spencer provides unique insights on being a student athlete and building a unique business. For the entrepreneur, learning how to build a niche business around your passion will help you enjoy your journey like never before. Spencer provides examples from his time on the football field and how football and business go hand in hand.

Mitch Long

EP004: Perspectives of an Experienced Go-Getter with Mitch Long

Story telling time with one of the best. Eric welcomes, Mitch Long, a Sales VP at KazSource, Inc where he leads the way in sales activity and educating the market on insurance. In this episode they talk about business in 2017, perspectives of the insurance market and the Pittsburgh Steelers! Mitch is an incredible story teller and he shows why in this fast paced interview. For the business owner, learning how to connect at a deep level with your clients is critical in today’s fast paced economy. Mitch shares his stories including the time he left the company he planned on retiring with.

Eric also questions Mitch on what he has learned from running 10 marathons for his business, how the 50 to 60 plus year olds are handling the changing business landscape including the use of social media, and what is going on with the long term care market.

Content Marketing

EP003: Perspectives of a Hardworking College Student with John Priore

Learn how to use social media to win your next job or client. Eric welcomes John Priore, an intern at KazSource, Inc and a college student at Western Carolina for an episode where they talk about interning, perspectives of a college student, and the tanking of the New York Jets! For the business owner, this episode will provide advice on how to hire your next key person. For the job-seeker, follow along as John and his current boss talk about how you can score a job in a non-traditional way and put yourself ahead of your peers.

Eric also questions John on the millennial generation, the current state of marketing and the education system that John is a part of.

Jared Nichols

EP002: Perspectives of a Deep Thinking Futurist with Jared Nichols

t’s time to think differently about the future of your business. Eric welcomes Jared Nichols of the Jared Nichols Group for an episode where they talk about the future, perspectives on running a business in 2017, and competitive cycling. For the business owner, understanding potential disruptions in your business and being able to capitalize on changing markets is critical to the future of your business. Many companies have sought out Jared’s expertise in these areas and he is excited to share his thoughts with the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast.

Eric also questions Jared on culture in companies, the current state of education with view points from the University of Tennessee, and his thoughts on Generation X as it relates to marketing.

Shane Snively

EP001: Perspectives of a Relevant Business Owner with Shane Snively

First episode! Get inspired to make business happen. Eric welcomes Shane Snively of Abiding Wealth Advisors, KazSource, Inc and Chestnut Family Practice to this first ever episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. With Shane’s involvement in KazSource from day one, we couldn’t think of a better first guest! Shane makes his mark by developing businesses and creating strategies for his companies and those he works with. In this episode they talk about selling the Glengarry Glen Ross style, running multiple businesses, and The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

Shane provides unique insights on the current state of business. This first podcast episode is full of vital information and is a must listen for everyone, from up and coming entrepreneurs to owners looking for exits. For the business owner, learning how to stay relevant in 2017 is a must and Shane talks about how you can do just that. Shane provides examples from his time in the Air Force to his time growing multiple businesses.

Eric also questions Shane on if social media tools are being taken advantage of by 50 to 60 year old professionals and if the days of hiding inside of a business are over.