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We Aren’t Here to Sell You

We Aren’t Here to Sell You

Every so often, I like to remind readers that people in the life insurance industry are not evil.   Yes, agents need to make a living, but it’s not like we’re just in a hurry to make a buck on your intimations of mortality. Last year, I posted an article titled “But What If,” as … Read more

Do Your People Care About the Company's Success

Do Your People Care About the Company’s Success

Stopped for a quick bite at Subway. Who knew I would witness Subway having an issue at the local franchise I visited. Their system was down. No credit cards could be used. Only cash. Okay, I had cash so I could eat. But in the short time it took to order and eat my food, … Read more


Why You Should Take the Time to Re-Evaluate Your Work

The other day I sat down with a key person at KazSource and we had a no-interruption discussion about the state of their business. It was an evaluation of their business. We move fast day after day and often times we forget to take the time to reflect. We get caught up in putting out fires, … Read more

3 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

3 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Do you ever feel like it’s “Groundhog Day”? The days are running together and you feel bored and uninspired? It may be time to spark a renewed focus and get out of that rut! Here are 3 ways to get out of a rut: 1) Do a task in your business you don’t normally do … Read more

Respect Other Peoples Time

Respect Other Peoples Time

It seems so obvious. Yet many people only respect their own time. They ask you to do something only to not really want it. They call you when it works for them and expect all your time and attention. Imagine if they respected your time—what they would get. You would be more willing to give. … Read more

Why You Should Review Your Northwestern Life Insurance Policy Now

Northwestern has just announced that they will reduce dividends from 5.45% to 5%. That is a major drop. It impacts not only new business but in-force business, including policies sold years ago. And, for reasons I’ll explain, the other mutual carriers (think Mass Mutual and New York Life, among others) are likely to follow suit … Read more

Don’t Send an Email of Where’s Waldo

Don’t Send an Email of Where’s Waldo

Ever receive an email from someone that is one looooooong paragraph? Don’t be that person. If you are, it’s okay. Just adapt. It’s hard to de-code a message that is jumbled together. And after all isn’t the point of the email to get a message across or to get a question answered? What good is … Read more


What Has You Excited?

Excitement drives success. Getting excited is no guarantee, of course, but when was the last time you met a bored, unengaged, and successful person? And why would you want to succeed at something boring, anyway? What are you excited about? You should be able to name your special thing in just one or two words—maybe … Read more


Scan Documents with Scannable

Many crave a paperless office, but few obtain it. Paperless does not mean you can’t have any paper, it just means you use much less. Define a specific (and ambitious!) goal and work towards it. But how? How do you actually change the amount of paper your office uses? Scannable, that’s how. The Scannable app … Read more