Perspectives on Smashing the Plateau: David Shriner-Cahn | EP Podcast

EP087 | Perspectives on Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn

Smashing the Plateau. Our guest today is David Shriner-Cahn, Co-Founder of the BestNetwork and host of the business podcast, Smashing the Plateau. In this episode, we discuss being a solopreneur, generating recurring revenue, and podcasting.   ——BestNetwork helps guide expertise-driven solopreneur business owners to build stable and consistent recurring revenue. Along with BestNetwork, David runs the Smashing the Plateau Podcast, Smashing the Plateau helps you get unstuck – so you can do what you love and get paid what you’re worth. David’s examples of helping entrepreneurs smash the plateau were on full display in our chat. His success in business has us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  We hope you enjoy this episode with David Shriner-Cahn. 

Perspectives on Building KazSource from Scratch | EP Podcast

EP086 | Perspectives from KazSource Founder Eric Kasimov

Building and protecting your businesses. In this episode, Eric Kasimov, founder of KazSource, tells the story of how KazSource came to be, what KazSource has become, and the vision for the future of KazSource. We hope the story behind our business provides valuable insight and gives you, the entrepreneur, a better idea of what we do in our business. With a passion for helping entrepreneur’s build a protect their business, we hope you enjoy this episode with Eric Kasimov. 

Perspectives on Business Operations: Bruce Snell | EP Podcast

EP085 | Perspectives on Business Operations with Bruce Snell

Breaking through the barriers to quality. Our guest today is Bruce Snell, President of BSG International.  In this episode we discuss fundamentals, helping others, and football in the south. ——Bruce Snell understands business operations. We’ve spent quite a bit of time with Bruce and knew we had to have him on the podcast as he has so much to offer business leaders.  He gives in so many ways- he does one on one consulting, he works with companies of many sizes, he has his book Breaking Through the Four Barriers of Quality, and he has an online course—all of it provides an awareness of operational processes – he trains, develops, and applies. Bottom line is Bruce and BSG International can help your business.  Bruce’s examples of breaking through barriers in life and business were on full display in our chat. His success in business has us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  We hope you enjoy this episode with Bruce Snell. 

Perspectives from a Construction Industry Leader with Brian King

EP084 | Perspectives from a Construction Industry Leader with Brian King

Building businesses and buildings from the ground up. Our guest today is Brian King, President of A M King In this episode, we discuss the truth about entrepreneurship, the growth of Charlotte, NC, and balance ——Brian is a graduate of the University of Florida and has more than 30 years experience managing design and construction projects all across the world.  Brian’s examples of building his business and buildings from the ground up were on full display in our chat. His success in business have us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  We hope you enjoy this episode with Brian King. 

Perspectives from a Former Basketball Star with Marcus Fizer

EP083 | Perspectives from a Former Basketball Star with Marcus Fizer

As a business leader, you can learn a lot from a former basketball star. Our guest today is Marcus Fizer, former Chicago Bull and Iowa State legend. In this episode we discuss being the number four pick in the NBA Draft, playing in the NCAA basketball tournament, and the journey of a basketball player. ——This episode was first featured on our SportsEpreneur podcast. The podcast where sports and entrepreneurship collide. This conversation features so many lessons for business leaders. Lessons like putting yourself in better situations, dealing with pressure, dealing with situations you didn’t ask for, and never being too big to help out others.   Marcus’s realness shines in this chat and we hope you enjoy our conversation. 

Perspectives on Protecting Your Business: Mitch Long| Kaz Insurance

EP082 | Perspectives on Protecting Your Business with Mitch Long

As a business owner, are you protecting your business? Our guest today is Mitch Long, an insurance advisor with KazSource Insurance Group. In this episode, we discuss the life insurance industry, the future of your business, and key people.  ——With Mitch’s experience and knowledge of the insurance industry, his understanding of planning strategies, and his ability to help advisors and consumers navigate the process of acquiring life insurance, we just had to bring Mitch back to the podcast to discuss all this and more.  We hope you enjoy the conversation with Mitch Long. 

The Artificial Why | Entrepreneur Perspectives Guest Blog

The Artificial Why

Eric has talked about the importance of finding your why, and even discussed how to motivate yourself by triggering your why. And he’s right—staying focused on the reason you’re working so hard is absolutely crucial. But what do you do when your why isn’t enough? I’m not talking about whys that are themselves weak. Like,…

Perspectives on Mental Health in Hockey: Jake Newton | PodKaz

EP081 | Perspectives on Mental Health in Hockey with Jake Newton

Jake is from Cleveland, Ohio and is currently playing hockey in Finland for JYP in the Finnish top division Liiga.  He also spent some time in the AHL and ECHL. In this chat, you’ll hear John Priore a content marketer at our company, handle this interview as I was out sick! John was most impressed with how Jake has been able to overcome mental obstacles.   As a mental health advocate, Jake is focusing on building his brand off the ice with public speaking around the importance of mental health and performance at a high level.  His success on and off the ice have us so excited to feature him on this podcast. We hope you enjoy the conversation with Jake Newton. 

Perspectives on Tough Decisions: Eric Kasimov | PodKaz

EP080 | Perspectives on Tough Decisions with Eric Kasimov and Dan and Dennae Handford

This hit show hosted by Dan and Dennae Handford is a show that helps entrepreneurs think through the tough decisions entrepreneurs deal with.  

Dan asked me to come onto this podcast and talk about the decisions that led to us building a content marketing company while running an insurance brokerage company.  

Thank you to Dan and Dennae for having me on the Tough Decisions For Entrepreneurs Podcast. 

It was an absolute honor to be featured by them and we would encourage you to check out their podcast on Apple Podcasts. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Dan and Dennae.