Your Guide to Life Insurance Awareness Month | KazSource Insurance

Your Guide to Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. This month is a great opportunity to show clients and potential clients how important life insurance truly is.    These materials from John Hancock are great resources to help you and your clients. These are producer approved materials. If you are a consumer, click here.   Financial security and wellness are goals that are highly ranked…

Transitioning from the Sports World to the Business World | EP

EP059: Perspectives from SportsEpreneur Founder Eric Kasimov

Creating analogies between sports and business. This is a Q&A freestyle episode which is at the core of what we do–helping you build and protect your business. In this episode we get into the questions from our audience including our clients and the business owners we chat with on a consistent basis and you, our listeners. We hope the perspectives we discuss help drive new opportunities for your business. 

This episode gets into a 3 frequently asked questions we get. 

1:00 Why does exist?  

8:57 What is a current sports topic that ties into business.  

14:47 How can someone use Twitter to help their business? 

Life Insurance Bit | Authenticity in the Insurance Industry | KazSource

Life Insurance Bit | Authenticity in the Insurance Industry

Being authentic in the insurance industry can lead to business. In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with life product expert, Bobby Samuelson, to discuss authenticity in the insurance industry. 

Authenticity is important in the insurance industry because clients are getting burned by agents not looking out for them. In this episode, Bobby shares a story about a time that authenticity lead to a sale. Credibility is generated through authenticity. Listen to this Life Insurance Bit to see how being authentic in the insurance industry can help you. 

Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Hair Stylist: Elizabeth McHenry | EP Blog

Perspectives of a Hair Stylist with Elizabeth McHenry

Changing lives through hair styling. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Elizabeth McHenry, owner of ERMC hair stylist. Elizabeth is a traveling hair stylist with a suite located in Midtown Charlotte, North Carolina. With Elizabeth’s compelling insights into the hair industry to her entrepreneurial journey, we are excited to share her story with you.   …

Perspectives from a Software Engineer Entrepreneur: Carl Finch | EP

EP058: Perspectives from a Software Engineer Entrepreneur with Carl Finch

Disrupting the industry that disrupts. Our guest today is Carl Finch. Carl is the owner and CEO of AabaBot. In this episode we discuss AabaBot, going against the grain, and persistence.  

AabaBot is a SaaS platform that helps startups and small business’s build their software solutions that tailors their business needs in a fast automated fashion. Using aabaBot proprietary technology anyone can build their dream software by following a 3 step wizard within aabaBot to have a system auto-generate the source code for their web app needs.  

Carl enjoys building new disruptive technologies that haven’t been thought of yet. He currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  

With Carl’s compelling stories from the software industry to building his business, we are excited to share Carl’s story with you.

KazShort Podcast | Don't Be Fooled By Vanity Metrics | Content Marketing

KazShort | Don’t Be Fooled By Vanity Metrics

Impressed by the number of likes someones post on social media got? Don’t be fooled by these vanity metrics. By solely focusing on likes and comments, you are forgetting about the true business opportunities that can come from social media. In this episode, Eric discusses how you can get blinded by vanity metrics. Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of why you should not be fooled by vanity metrics. 

Perspectives from The Hot Seat: The KazSource Team | EP Podcast

EP057: Perspectives from The Hot Seat with The KazSource Team

I put my employees at KazSource on the hot seat, lets get their perspectives! In this episode we discuss being coached, pulling stories, and the strategy addict. 

Our guest today is actually more than one. We are bringing to you conversations with some of the team at KazSource. Including John Priore, Scott Upton, Rudy Redmond, Stephanie Long, and Shane Snively . 

John is a content marketer  

Rudy is a business developer  

Scott is a project manager  

Stephanie is a case manager on our insurance side 


Shane is the COO at KazSource 

I ask each guest 1 question they had no time to prepare for. It’s about a topic they knowledgeable in so we get to hear raw, unedited content, advice, and thoughts from these amazing people. I’m super excited to share these conversations with you. 

With The KazSource Team’s compelling insights, we are excited to share their ideas with you.