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Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Non-Profit President: Liz Benavides

Perspectives of a Non-Profit President with Liz Benavides

Making a difference in the world, one child at a time. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Liz Benavides, owner of Children Connecting the World. Children Connecting the World, Inc.’s mission is to connect children from all over the globe and from all walks of life to form global friendships based on respect and understanding for … Read more

Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner: Tara Belzer

Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner with Tara Belzer

Improving the lives of a human’s best friend. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Tara Belzer, owner of Pet in the City. Pet in the City is conveniently located at 9600 Monroe Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tara has compelling insights into the fascinating pet industry. With that and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, … Read more

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Life Settlements | Audio Snippets From Podcast Episode 022

Podcast episodes lead to audio / video snippets that can educate and inspire. These are the audio snippets from Life Settlement Specialist, Jamie Mendelsohn. Jamie was featured on our podcast Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 022.   In every podcast episode, the things our guests say become knowledge for us (you). The audio snippets we share inspired … Read more