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The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis - Entrepreneur Perspectives

The Crossover of Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship

The Sound of Business, Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship | Dr. Tori Ellis Authenticity is everything in music and business. So, when you come across an individual that is living it, you stop and you listen. You listen to the words, the tone, the passion. The Sound of Business may be the name of a business … Read more

Reset Your Mind Like a Maltipoo | Sit. Reset. Go. | KazSource

Reset Your Mind Like a Maltipoo

Our Maltipoo, Clyde, is filled with energy, love, and a desire to protect us from Amazon drivers, neighbors that say hello, and that mean Bichon Frisé that’s scared of his own shadow. Lunging, barking, all with a face that if he wasn’t so small might actually scare you—doesn’t happen every time, but when it does … Read more

Graduation Season Reimagined | KazSource blog

Graduation Season Reimagined

Oh, the joys of graduation season, right? The grand processions, caps soaring through the air, tight hugs, endless photo sessions, celebratory parties, and that quintessential rite of passage. And speakers – my gosh, the speakers! They come bearing updates, stories, names, lessons, and the unspoken “look at me” aura. Don’t get me wrong. Not all … Read more

Scared of ChatGPT? Read This

Scared of ChatGPT? Read This

People claim that ChatGPT is inaccurate and therefore dangerous, but when was the last time you received advice from a human? Nothing is 100% accurate. So, why do we expect ChatGPT to be flawless every time it offers a response? You search for answers on Google, Twitter, at your friend’s house, or even from your … Read more

Celiac Disease Now What | Suddenly Celiac

Celiac Disease Now What

Celiac disease is a scary diagnosis and many people initially feel overwhelmed, confused, uninformed, and alone. There are so many people, including some medical practitioners, who do not understand celiac, which makes everything more difficult. The purpose of Suddenly Celiac is to help people understand celiac disease and to help navigate the process once diagnosed. What is … Read more

The Power of Growth

The Power of Growth

When I look at how I’ve progressed in my career so far, I can attribute my growth to a few things; opportunities, learning, a solid team around me, and confidence. In this third year, I have been making it a point to put myself out there, take on more responsibilities, and learn from those around … Read more


Gaining an Education While On the Job

“There is a lot of value in gaining an education on someone else’s dollar” – Brian King When Brian King, a construction industry leader, came into our Charlotte office to record a podcast episode, he said these exact words. And it got me thinking; I need to think of this stage in my career as … Read more

That Entrepreneurial Mindset, You Know You Have It | KazSource in Charlotte, NC | Feeling Entrepreneurial

That Entrepreneurial Mindset, You Know You Have It

The Future of Freelancing and the Entrepreneurial Mindset By 2027, 50% of the workforce will be a part of the gig economy.  Yet many upcoming or recent college graduates are falling into the same old, same old. Large company with large promises. I even hear the word guaranteed thrown around. Let me tell you what word should … Read more

The Greatest Showman | An Inspiring Entrepreneurial Movie

The Entrepreneurship of P.T. Barnum as Featured in the Movie, The Greatest Showman Perhaps it’s the upbeat music, or the rags-to-riches story, or the fact that so many are fascinated by the circus—or maybe it’s all of the above, but whatever the reasons, one of the best, most inspiring movies about entrepreneurship of all time … Read more