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Discussing the Covid-19 Relief Bill, the CARES Act with Randy Newton

EP111 | Discussing the COVID-19 Relief Bill, the CARES Act with Randy Newton

Talking the ins and outs of the new Federal Coronavirus Relief Bill, the CARES Act. In this episode, we chat with Randy Newton, CPA and Partner at Lodestar Tax & Accounting, PLLC.  Randy is a licensed certified public accountant in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Randy uses a proactive tax planning model that streamlines, simplifies and works to … Read more

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Life Settlements | Audio Snippets From Podcast Episode 022

Podcast episodes lead to audio / video snippets that can educate and inspire. These are the audio snippets from Life Settlement Specialist, Jamie Mendelsohn. Jamie was featured on our podcast Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 022.   In every podcast episode, the things our guests say become knowledge for us (you). The audio snippets we share inspired … Read more