Long Term Care (LTC)

Traditional LTC is Not What It Used To Be

  Many of your clients probably have a Traditional Long Term Care (LTC) policy. For some of them, it’s a great product. For others, it has likely been a source of frustration. Part of the problem is that rates on in-force LTC policies are rising across the industry That means that what used to be…

Wealth Manager

Protecting Your Practice as a Wealth Manager

  Perspective is drastically important in this business, as a wealth manager discovered during a routine visit I had with him and his client. This one meeting has changed the advisor’s outlook on his entire practice. And I believe it will have an impact on many other advisors. The  reason for this point-of-sale meeting with the 65…


Let the Facts get in the Way of a Good Story

It’s amazing how ideas find their way into people’s heads, and then through conversation, email, social media and rumors, those ideas (non-factual) become perception. That perception is real and that is all that matters. Your clients think the cost of life insurance is more than double of what it actually is. So you know what they do?  

life insurance

Ask Your Clients About Their Life Insurance

Many advisors don’t know where to start when it comes to talking about life insurance with their clients. And that’s okay. It is not an easy conversation to have. Go back to the basics to engage the client. ASK QUESTIONS! All you have to do is ask one of the following questions and suddenly the ball will be…

Buy/Sell Agreements

Buy/Sell Agreement – Is It Funded?

Advisor: “Mr. Client, do you have a buy/sell agreement?” Client: “Yes.” Advisor: “Excellent.” Wrong! What good is a buy/sell agreement if it isn’t funded? How do you know if it is funded if you don’t ask? How do you propose a company that is worth $5,000,000 with illiquid assets fund a 50% buyout of the company with…