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10 Year Treasury Jumped to Its Highest Point in 3 Years

  Here they are…9 things we thought were worth sharing this week. 10 Year Treasury Jumps Post election, the 10 year treasury has seen largest increase in 3 years. Mass Mutual Dividend Mass Mutual follows our prediction and reduces their dividend. NFL Ref Fix Should NFL refs go full-time? That is the question after several … Read more

Have you heard about eSports?

  We interrupt the political talk with this email. Here are 9 things we thought were worth sharing this week: eSports as Big as Hollywood and the NBA? What may have once been a niche market, is becoming mainstream The NFL: Twitter’s Kingmaker? Twitter and social media in general are a driving force for the … Read more

College Football Rankings, Dividends & More

  November has officially arrived. So while you’re throwing away that Halloween candy, here are 9 things I thought were worth sharing: College Football Playoff Rankings First playoff rankings have just been released Northwestern Mutual Decreases Dividend Northwestern reduces dividend from 5.45% to 5% Cam Newton Taking Hits Cam speaks out about late hits making … Read more

From NFL Ratings Decline to Productivity Tips

  Here are 9 things I thought were worth sharing this week: It’s a mixed bag of course—from sports to insurance. NFL Ratings Decline Mark Cuban called the NFL Ratings Decline Two Years Ago World Series Kicks Off This Week A World Series that’s bound to make history – who are you rooting for? #GoTribe … Read more