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The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis - Entrepreneur Perspectives

The Crossover of Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship

The Sound of Business, Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship | Dr. Tori Ellis

Authenticity is everything in music and business. So, when you come across an individual that is living it, you stop and you listen. You listen to the words, the tone, the passion. The Sound of Business may be the name of a business and the name of a book, but after a thoughtful conversation with the founder of The Sound of Business, you realize how much more it is. And it starts with said founder, Dr. Tori Ellis.

Dr. Tori Ellis is a Brooklyn-based psychologist, mom, and entrepreneur who believes in fostering and inspiring creativity to boost those around her.

Let’s explore The Sound of Business and Dr. Tori Ellis’ passion of hip hop and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Tori’s book | The Sound of Business: Seeing Entrepreneurship Through Hip Hop

This book started with a simple task: a Capstone project. Tori created this book during the final month of her master’s program to highlight her understanding and implementation of Industrial Organizational Psychology. But not everything is all business and no pleasure! Instead, she constructed the book to highlight her love for Business and of course, Hip Hop. She uses a mix of her personal experiences and academic knowledge on Hip Hop, Industrial Organizational, and Positive Psychology to explain how to be an effective Organizational Consultant to change businesses or to be as she calls the Big Boss…an effective Entrepreneur. Buy the book!

Dr. Tori’s book for kids | I Am a Mini Entrepreneur

Meet Payton! An ambitious ‘Mini Entrepreneur’ on a mission to help other children, like herself, surprise and support their military family members all over the world. Join Payton on her journey to discover how to start a business and what inspired her along the way. Maybe, you will discover the ‘Mini Entrepreneur’ in you! Buy the book!

Her business: The Sound of Business

Dr. Tori Ellis is a certified life and business coach, author, and entrepreneur. Her journey is defined by a steadfast commitment to growth, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of empowerment.

With a profound background in entrepreneurship and business coaching, She has spearheaded the revamping and scaling of several businesses from the ground up, including two of her own ventures. Her impact extends across diverse sectors, including education, fitness, and professional services. Her services include 1on1 transformational coaching, 1on1 coaching for mompreneurs, speaking, and conducting workshops for youth and school programs.

Her recent podcast appearance

And finally, she was a recent guest on the podcast Entrepreneur Perspectives.

In this episode, she throws back the curtain on her creative process, from the spark that ignited her book to the unique approach she brings to the world of business. The episode is titled: All the Feels: Hip Hop and The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis.

What we know is that Dr. Tori empowers anyone to find their rhythm and build something extraordinary. And it’s especially important to seek the support of others. For you that support might come from Dr. Tori Ellis and The Sound of Business.

Listen to her podcast appearance on Entrepreneur Perspectives now.

Connect with Dr. Tori Ellis: LinkedIn | Website | Instagram

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