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Do Your People Care About the Company’s Success

Stopped for a quick bite at Subway. Who knew I would witness Subway having an issue at the local franchise I visited.

Their system was down. No credit cards could be used. Only cash. Okay, I had cash so I could eat. But in the short time it took to order and eat my food, the workers turned away at least 15 people. These people had planned on giving money to this store. They walked out to spend their money at the competition.

The employees were stressed about a broken system but they seemed to care less they were turning customer after customer away. They weren’t rude about it, but it certainly seemed they weren’t thinking about the business.

Imagine having a business where your employees wanted a pay check but didn’t care about the company’s success? Yes that’s normal at a fast food restaurant, but as you build your business you need people that are motivated by the company’s success. I guess money is one of the main motivators but that’s not all. Find a way to motivate your employees, staff and associates so that they are vested in the success of the big picture. If not, customers will be walking out the door without first paying you for your product or service. And that, my friends, would be no good.



Image of Subway sign was taken by Lisa Campeau

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