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Entrepreneurial Dreams

The access to information on becoming an entrepreneur is at an all time high. With a quick search you can find amazing articles, books and videos full of ideas, inspiration, and the exciting message that you should jump right in to the deep end with your Entrepreneurial Dreams.

Except—most of us don’t want to drown.

If you’re contemplating your next decision in business, I suggest you dream it first. Many articles and books will tell you to act, not dream. And action is absolutely necessary, but you must think and ponder as well. I suggest you do both—dream and then act. Dreams give you the chance to explore what you want to do and most importantly why, without having to worry so much about how. I always say if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, a business owner, a self-starter of any kind, ask yourself “what is my dream?” and “why do I want to make this dream happen?”. Once you know your what and more importantly, your why, then take the serious steps to make your dream a reality.

When I built my business, I did not just wake up one day and dive into the unknown head-first. As part of my business planning, I first dreamed for years about being in control of my future, of having unlimited financial potential, and of building a legacy. I wanted the flexibility to develop new partnerships and relationships. More than anything else, I wanted to wake up every morning with a purpose.

So start dreaming and dream big. When it is time to jump in, just remember to keep your head above water.


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