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How I Met This Entrepreneur: Brady Murray | EP Blog | MassMutual Intermountain West

How I Met This Entrepreneur: Brady Murray

This “How I Met This Entrepreneur” article tells the story of how KazSource CEO, Eric Kasimov, met CEO of MassMutual Intermountain West, Brady Murray


Gary Vaynerchuk, the well-known marketing guru, spoke at an event hosted by the American Association of Life Underwriters (AALU) in Washington DC. It was a major event bringing together my two professional loves, insurance and marketing, and I couldn’t go. I had a scheduling conflict.  

So I did the next best thing and got on Twitter to engage with people who were going to the event. I wanted to get their opinions on Gary’s talk.  

There was some good back and forth, some with people I knew, some with people I’d never met before. One series of exchanges really stood out for the way we seemed to be on the same page; sharing a real interest in content marketing.  

And that’s how I met Brady Murray.

Understand, I live in Charlotte, NC, while Brady lives in Salt Lake City, UT. We hadn’t known anything about each other up to this point. But Brady made a comment about the presentation, I asked his opinion, he responded, I responded. There was no agenda for either party besides just digging a little deeper on a topic that interested us.  

This led to a chat with Brady where we spoke in depth, then more emails, phone calls, and so on, until I was doing some work for him.

That was years ago, but Brady Murray remains a long time client today. And it all started with a chat on Twitter.

And that’s how I met this entrepreneur, Brady Murray.


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