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How I Met This Entrepreneur: Eric Kasimov

This “How I Met This Entrepreneur” article tells the story of how our intern-turned employee, John Priore, met KazSource CEO, Eric Kasimov. 


There I was, a junior at Western Carolina University 

As a junior in college, I was stuck in a weird stage where I had time on my hands while also freaking out about what I was going to do after graduation. I decided to take the proactive approach and get an internship 

Western Carolina did not require internships for Marketing and Management majors, but I was watching countless people graduate from my program only to find themselves unable to find jobs in their field, or forced to work jobs they completely despised.  

I vowed to myself that I would be different.  

I went the traditional route applying for internships, but while I got some good call-backs and leads, none of these opportunities really called my name. Then I realized that if I wanted to be different, I shouldn’t search for an

internship the same way as everybody else. 

So what did I do?  

I resorted to Twitter 

That’s right. As I was sitting in my old Lay-Z-Boy recliner watching basketball, I was also searching through Twitter for an internship. Welcome to the new age!  

After conducting a few searches for internship opportunities in the Charlotte area, I came across a tweet from Eric Kasimov.  

Eric's Tweet for Intern

So, I shot him a direct message—direct messaging works, people!–followed by multiple phone calls, emails, and an in-person interview.  

Fast forward to today, I am out of college working full time with Eric at KazSource 

Thanks Twitter!  

And that’s how I met this entrepreneur, Eric Kasimov. 


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