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Unscripted Flash | What If Podcasting Is the Cure for the Loneliness Epidemic

The saviors return with another ‘Flash’ episode. This one focuses on the ongoing loneliness epidemic. In classic SOM fashion, we take a few detours from our main topic, but that’s all for your listening pleasure.

What is a Flash episode?

An ode to one of our heroes. A podcast focused on hilarity (usually), digestibility, focused wisdom, speed, and brevity. All with some “saving” involved. This Flash is taken from one of our long-form episodes. Listen here. And if you want to listen to that, you should do that.

Topics Discussed:

  • Amidst a nationwide loneliness epidemic, colleges are some of the hardest-hit. We discuss the importance of socializing on campus.
  • Our co-hosts might just have the solution to the loneliness problem. Hint… it’s this podcast.
  • Jared and Eric lament the ever-cringe-inducing LinkedIn posts, and perhaps worst of all, the humble brag (we know you paid for those followers).
  • We crunched the numbers and figured out that if you listened to every episode of our podcast, that amounts to nearly a day’s worth of content!

Time to bid farewell (for now). We sincerely hope you enjoyed this brief but thought-provoking episode of the ‘Saviors of the Metaverse’ podcast. And remember, get out there and start socializing. We all need to do it once in a while!

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