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Have you heard about eSports?


We interrupt the political talk with this email. Here are 9 things we thought were worth sharing this week:

eSports as Big as Hollywood and the NBA?
What may have once been a niche market, is becoming mainstream

The NFL: Twitter’s Kingmaker?
Twitter and social media in general are a driving force for the future of pro sports

Insurance Industry Disruption
Innovation (“Napster moments”) is vital to the continued success of the industry

Thought for the week: Be Unique Unlike This Story

App of the week to try: PDFSAM
PDF Split and Merge: The free version allows drag and drop ability to merge pdfs, extract select pages, and more. Great tool!

Productivity tip: Make Your Bed First Thing (and more)
5 productivity tips from a successful CEO

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Why You Should Review Your Northwestern Life Insurance Policy Now
As we highlighted last week, Northwestern announced that they will reduce dividends. As other carriers consider following suit, now may be a good time to review your policy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail – A Must Have
Do you have a Gmail account? The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great productivity hack that will integrate into your Gmail account.

What Can U6 Girls Softball Teach Us in Business
As with softball, in business, you may become tired. You may be thinking you’re done and ready to call it quits. But try once more. You never know.

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SportsEpreneur, Content Marketing Division of KazSource
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