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Mindy Ladd’s Never Give Up Story!

Double Lung Transplant Survivor: Cystic Fibrosis

I am so proud of my sister, she is a fighter.  A hospital said “You are not going to get a lung transplant, you are not a good candidate, your too sick.”  

She did not listen, she kept praying, kept looking, kept pushing, kept reaching out until she found a hospital that went beyond statistical probabilities, that saw her efforts, her faith, her family, and the community around her as a good risk.

Mindy is a walking miracle and through the love and support of her family, her friends, and the amazing community around her she is now inspiring others with her story.  She is out raising money for CF research, drug research, its just an amazing thing to watch.

NACFC Session Discusses Lung Transplant as an Option for Advanced Lung Disease

Be inspired by this video, always fight for what you want, and do not lose faith that God has a plan for you in your life.

Thank you Mindy, Michael, and Abby for not giving up and sharing your story, we are so proud of all of you.  God Bless.

Shane Snively