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From NFL Ratings Decline to Productivity Tips


Here are 9 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

It’s a mixed bag of course—from sports to insurance.

NFL Ratings Decline
Mark Cuban called the NFL Ratings Decline Two Years Ago

World Series Kicks Off This Week
A World Series that’s bound to make history – who are you rooting for? #GoTribe

Major Deal in the Insurance Industry
China Oceanwide Dips Into American Insurance, Buying Genworth

Thought for the week: So Busy Doing My Job, I Can’t Get Any Work Done

App of the week to try: One Big Thing
Simple, subtle yet worth some space on your phone

Productivity tip: 15 Productivity Hacks That Speed Up Your Efficiency
Two Minute Rule: if something takes less than two minutes, do it now.

And for 3 recent posts from SportsEpreneur, the Content Marketing division of KazSource

Sports Bring People Together
Why are sports so important? They’re an interest anyone can have in common. Ultimately sports bring people together. We look into that in this article.

Learn from a Buffalo Bills Fan: Blind Faith is Bad for Business
Blind faith has been the ruin of many projects and businesses. Learn from a Buffalo Bills fan on how to avoid this pitfall.

Cam Newton Gives Dentists a Content Gift That We Can All Learn From
Do you have trouble thinking of new content ideas for your blog or social media? What if we told you great content ideas are everywhere.

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SportsEpreneur, Content Marketing Division of KazSource
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