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Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Hair Stylist: Elizabeth McHenry | EP Blog

Perspectives of a Hair Stylist with Elizabeth McHenry

Changing lives through hair styling. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Elizabeth McHenry, owner of ERMC hair stylist. Elizabeth is a traveling hair stylist with a suite located in Midtown Charlotte, North Carolina. With Elizabeth’s compelling insights into the hair industry to her entrepreneurial journey, we are excited to share her story with you.


This video is all about Elizabeth’s journey as a hair stylist and why she decided to go into this industry. We love entrepreneurs, and in this clip, you will hear how Elizabeth got her start in entrepreneurship.


The hair industry is ultra competitive. In this clip, Elizabeth provides insight on how you can spot the difference between a good hair stylist and a pretender. If you care about your hair, this is an essential skill to have!


How do you stand out in your industry? This clip explains how Elizabeth stands out in the hair industry. She does something that many other hair stylists don’t do–she networks. By attending professional networking events, she is able to meet her target clientele. It’s an opportunity for her prospective clients to meet her before she ever styles their hair.


Helping others is one of the most important aspects of Elizabeth’s life. She truly enjoys changing people’s lives by giving back. By using her knowledge and expertise, she is able to touch the lives of many underprivileged individuals. In this clip, she tells a story that truly opened her eyes to how a simple haircut can impact the lives of others.


What is on the horizon for Elizabeth McHenry and where can you find her?


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