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Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner: Tara Belzer

Perspectives of a Local Pet Shop Owner with Tara Belzer

Improving the lives of a human’s best friend. Our guest on Entrepreneur Perspectives is Tara Belzer, owner of Pet in the City. Pet in the City is conveniently located at 9600 Monroe Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tara has compelling insights into the fascinating pet industry. With that and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, we are excited to share her story with you.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Tara while she was hard at work at her pet shop. Enjoy the background tunes you will hear when you walk into Pet in the City!


The pet industry is ultra competitive. In this clip, Tara provides insight into how Pet in the City is different than other pet stores.


Is the type of food you give your pet important? Of course, it is! This clip explains the importance of the quality of food and how Pet in the City helps you find the right food for your best friend!


This video is all about the process of Tara opening her own business and some of the growing pains that came along with it.


Tara recently made a major leap of starting her own business. This video gives advice from Tara for anybody who is on the fence about becoming an entrepreneur.


This video describes the moment Tara told herself she needed to make it happen and gave herself no excuses.


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