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When I look at how I’ve progressed in my career so far, I can attribute my growth to a few things; opportunities, learning, a solid team around me, and confidence. In this third year, I have been making it a point to put myself out there, take on more responsibilities, and learn from those around me. It’s been paying off so far.

I want to share how these attributes have helped me grow in these first promising years.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

If there is one thing that I can’t stress enough about my time in the business world, it is to make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you—especially the ones that may turn into learning experiences. From client meetings, to sales calls, to the opportunity to spend time with other professionals, take advantage.

Learn from Your Mistakes

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. As I look back on some of the mistakes that I’ve made, I’m grateful that they happened. The learning opportunity was well worth the mistake. If you are not learning from your mistakes, you are not growing.

Having a Solid Team Around Me

From my internship to now, I am still surrounded by the same mentors at KazSource, people who have given me their time, knowledge, and trust so I could grow. The team has given me every opportunity and chance to take my career to the next level. I urge you to find a mentor and a team that will allow you to create opportunities and run with them.


Confidence is a word that is often misconstrued. When I talk about having confidence, I am talking about having beliefs and convictions in yourself and those around you. This is one thing my mentors have drilled in me along the way—the importance of having convictions and being passionate about my work and beliefs. Without the confidence that you are able to be great in your work and around others, you truly won’t be able to get it done.

When you truly work on yourself and put the time and effort into improving both personally and professionally, growth will come. Stay in the pocket, make your reads, and keep growing in your career with me.

As I urge you to focus on your growth — learn from influential entrepreneurs on our podcast.


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