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Scared of ChatGPT? Read This

Scared of ChatGPT? Read This

People claim that ChatGPT is inaccurate and therefore dangerous, but when was the last time you received advice from a human? Nothing is 100% accurate. So, why do we expect ChatGPT to be flawless every time it offers a response? You search for answers on Google, Twitter, at your friend’s house, or even from your neighbor. I’m not suggesting your neighbor is a moron. They might be delightful, incredibly smart, and full of wisdom. But if you think they don’t have biases or experiences that cloud their judgment, you might want to read this piece again and again for a new perspective.

Let’s say you have a wise neighbor who is your go-to for advice. Fantastic! What if, on the day you seek their counsel, they didn’t sleep well, aren’t feeling their best, or are dealing with a personal matter? What if they simply want some alone time? Could their ability to help you be hindered? Absolutely!

Am I to understand that ChatGPT, with all its flaws and biases, should be avoided at all costs? Because we humans are so good at avoiding our own biases? Yeah, right! Before you freak out and assume I’m advocating for the end of human-to-human interaction, stop and keep reading.

The point is not to devalue something because it’s not perfect or because of fear-mongering media headlines. Instead, don’t take anyone’s statement as gospel—not ChatGPT, your neighbor, or your local barista. Seek wisdom, search for truth, and remain vigilant of inaccuracies. ChatGPT isn’t the ultimate answer, but it has a place in society. Just like your neighbor who convinced your teenage daughter to attend Clemson for college while sitting in front of their purple and orange memorabilia.

Some people in various industries think ChatGPT won’t change the world. They believe it’s a passing fad or, at worst, a danger to society. But they’re wrong. ChatGPT is already changing the world, it’s not a fleeting trend, and it’s no more dangerous than the person sitting across from me in this coffee shop who drives a car, posts on Instagram, and possibly owns a gun for all the wrong reasons.


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