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The Strategy Addict | A Day in the Life

So, here I’ve highlighted the roles I (The Strategy Addict) play on a daily basis. You’ll see it’s a lot. My guess is you are doing a lot of these things as well, so let’s stop and take some credit for our accomplishments and be thankful for the opportunities to have these accomplishments.

First and foremost, I am a Family Man, father to Elyssa, Camryn, Sophia, and Samuel. I also function as a daily Cab Driver; school pickups and drop-offs are some of the most treasured time I have every day. It’s where I do my best Consulting, Listening, and, to be honest, Spying. Let’s be real, we must stay on top of what is going on or get left out of the game. Occasionally, I am also a singer, comedian, and spiritual prayer leader in the car. So, if you see a middle-aged, semi-balding white man bopping and rocking out in the car, it’s me. 

I try my best to be a great Husband to the most amazing woman, Susan Ladd-Snively, MD, whom I also serve Fractional CFO, Daily Encourager, and Entrepreneur Business Coach and Trainer. I promised my wife I would help run the practice if she would go for it, she did, and now we have the Chestnut Family Practice, PLLC. I learn so much from her about how people should be treated, and patients just love her so deeply, and so does her staff.  

As Partner, CFO / COO at KazSource, I create finance and marketing strategy and teach and mentor our amazing team. What does that mean? It means I drive massive increases in our overall enterprise value. The more we learn, the more convictions we have, which drives our purpose, and our purpose drives our success, that sort of thing. See my blog post for more details.  

As Partner, Principal, and CEO of Abiding Wealth Advisors, LLC, I set the vision and mission for our team, and then serve our amazing team of people as they get it done.  I like to think my role, besides driving the big picture, is not that different from what I do at KazSource—serve our incredible people and our clients.  So, in the financial world I play in, you guessed it, revolves around strategy and planning. Decisions include but are not limited to: figuring out the value of a client’s business in case they want to sell; helping them find a business to buy; developing an exit for the client (how do they sell, whom should they sell to, should they merge, what about their kids in the business, their employees, and so on); or, in some cases, how do they turn the company around in profitability, growth, develop new products, and so on. I hear this last one a lot—people say “my company is stuck, we are not growing, what ideas do you have to flip it forward”…. There are myriad problems to help solve and opportunities to make decisions. 

Ultimately, I get to learn a lot, to experience amazing people, and to serve those people. I love what I do—everyone should. What I do gives me a huge sense of Purpose. 

“The Strategy Addict: A Day in the Life” was written by Shane Snively, COO of KazSource