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Medicating Normal Documentary Discussion | Lynn Cunningham

EP149 | Medicating Normal Documentary Discussion | Lynn Cunningham

A conversation with Lynn Cunningham, an award winning filmmaker and the director/producer of the essential and eye-opening documentary, Medicating Normal. Topics for the Medicating Normal Documentary Discussion: Medicating Normal documentary Creating a documentary Uncomfortable has somehow come to mean abnormal Normal sadness and anxiety The new need to eliminate pain 10 minutes with your doctor … Read more

One Negative Comment Can Threaten My Safety | Michael Brody-Waite

Essentials | One Negative Comment Can Threaten My Safety | Michael Brody-Waite

“We’re more connected now through technology than we’ve ever been — and less connected with the people in our lives.” -Michael Brody-Waite In this Entrepreneur Perspectives episode, we chat with Michael Brody-Waite, author of the book, “Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts” and a TED Talk speaker with over 3 million views. We discuss: connections, … Read more

Michael Brody-Waite | Surrender the Outcome | EP Podcast

EP128 | Surrender the Outcome with Michael Brody-Waite

You are not alone. Michael Brody-Waite joins us on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to discuss lifting each other up, his story of addiction, and the path to a mask-free life–which, by the way, has nothing to do with the pandemic. Michael lives by three principles on his path to a mask-free life; practice rigorous … Read more

Jill Salzman | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best | EP Podcast by KazSource

EP122 | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best with Jill Salzman

Sassy, energetic, brave, fun, and brainstormy (is that a word–it is now!) all wrapped up into this one and only episode with Jill Salzman! Jill is the founder and leader of The Founding Moms and host of the new hit podcast, “Why Are We Shouting?”. Jill is also a speaker, author, and innovator. Her organization, … Read more

Ryan Skinner | I'm Not Wired for Jail | From Prison to Mentorship

EP121 | I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner

From Addiction and Prison to Success and Mentorship. A second chance story that you need to hear. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Ryan Skinner, President of Summit Financial Partners, a Massachusetts based firm and the author of “Taking Stock“.  Ryan’s story includes a serious battle with addiction. His addiction and behavior landed Ryan … Read more