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Perspectives from a Former Basketball Star with Marcus Fizer

EP083 | Perspectives from a Former Basketball Star with Marcus Fizer

As a business leader, you can learn a lot from a former basketball star. Our guest today is Marcus Fizer, former Chicago Bull and Iowa State legend. In this episode we discuss being the number four pick in the NBA Draft, playing in the NCAA basketball tournament, and the journey of a basketball player. ——This episode was first featured on our SportsEpreneur podcast. The podcast where sports and entrepreneurship collide. This conversation features so many lessons for business leaders. Lessons like putting yourself in better situations, dealing with pressure, dealing with situations you didn’t ask for, and never being too big to help out others.   Marcus’s realness shines in this chat and we hope you enjoy our conversation. 

Perspectives from a Sports Flooring Business Owner: Brian Cockfield | EP

EP066: Perspectives from a Sports Flooring Business Owner with Brian Cockfield

In this episode, we discuss keeping up with the times, sports flooring, and good old hard work. 

Brian started The Sports Flooring group in 1978. He is from Camden, South Carolina and went on to play college football at The Citadel in Charleston, SC. 

If you ever spent time in the Charlotte area and went to a sporting event, you’ve probably seen Brian’s work – and if you have you would see first-hand their high-quality work.  

Brian came by the KazSource office to record this show. 

His knowledge and expertise were on full display. As I mentioned during the conversation, there’s one thing that stood out—Brian’s hard work. And now we are excited to share his story with you.