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A Content Creation Journey | The Influx Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

EP109 | The Influx Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov and His Content Creation Journey with Glenn Boothe

The content you create and the opportunities it makes. In this episode, The Influx Podcast and host Glenn Boothe feature KazSource and SportsEpreneur Founder, Eric Kasimov, to discuss his content creation journey. Eric shares stories about why he creates content, how he creates content, and ways to refine and adapt when it comes to content. … Read more

What is Holding Business Professionals Back from Creating Content? | EP

EP098 | What is Holding Business Professionals Back from Creating Content?

Should you start creating content as a business professional? The short answer is yes. John Priore, content marketer, at KazCM joins me in this chat to discuss this all-important topic. 

Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to hear the thoughts of Eric Kasimov and John Priore on content creation. And while listening, ask yourself, what is stopping you from creating content? 

One important piece in the content creation process is improvement. At KazCM, we are always looking to improve. Which is why we did! You may notice an uptick in the sound quality of this episode. That’s because we got new podcasting equipment. We hope you enjoy the new sound quality of Entrepreneur Perspectives. 

Is Podcasting at Its Peak? | Peak Podcast | KazCM Podcast Production

EP095 | Is Podcasting At Its Peak?

There are now upwards of 700,000 podcasts. Is podcasting at its peak? In a recent New York Times article, they discussed why podcasting is at its peak. While we don’t necessarily disagree with their take, we are here to say that if you have the genuine podcasters mindset, there is plenty of potential for you in the podcasting world. 

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of starting a podcast and the upside to you joining the podcasting world. 

The bottom line is, if you are a business leader with specific thoughts to share, you should consider starting a podcast because podcasting is the ultimate form of genuine leverage right now.