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The 80/20 Breakthrough Episode with Perry Marshall | Entrepreneur Perspectives

Essentials | The 80/20 Breakthrough Episode with Perry Marshall

The 80/20 principle is a game-changer if truly understood. In this episode, Perry Marshall, master storyteller and author of “Detox, Declutter, Dominate” and “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” shares powerful insights, anecdotes, and extreme examples of how entrepreneurs can revolutionize their ventures by harnessing the 80/20 principle. This is the 80/20 breakthrough episode on Entrepreneur Perspectives! … Read more

Give Yourself Permission to Write Badly with Caroline Ailanthus

EP151 | Give Yourself Permission to Write Badly with Caroline Ailanthus

As the dawn broke over the latest installment of Entrepreneur Perspectives, a singular luminary emerged from the mist, her pen poised with the deftness of a swordswoman. Caroline Ailanthus, an esteemed author, editor, and writer in her own right, graced the airwaves with her wisdom on the art of writing. With two masters of the … Read more


Gaining an Education While On the Job

“There is a lot of value in gaining an education on someone else’s dollar” – Brian King When Brian King, a construction industry leader, came into our Charlotte office to record a podcast episode, he said these exact words. And it got me thinking; I need to think of this stage in my career as … Read more

We Aren’t Here to Sell You

We Aren’t Here to Sell You

Every so often, I like to remind readers that people in the life insurance industry are not evil.   Yes, agents need to make a living, but it’s not like we’re just in a hurry to make a buck on your intimations of mortality. Last year, I posted an article titled “But What If,” as … Read more

Story: A Note Left Behind

Stories are at the heart of life insurance. We have all heard touching and tragic stories as it relates to life insurance. This story comes from an agent affiliated with our group. A client of his was buying a life insurance policy and had a need for $1,000,000. The client felt $500,000 would be adequate. After being educated on why the need was … Read more