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Perspectives on the Professional Baseball Journey with Harvey Hargrove

EP049: Perspectives on the Professional Baseball Journey with Harvey Hargrove

Figuring out what you were meant to do. Eric welcomes Harvey Hargrove to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode, they discuss, professional baseball, mentoring youth athletes, and creating content that gives.

Harvey Hargrove (aka Harv) is a former professional baseball player and current coach for Best Speed Baseball in Sacramento California.   

Harv went to Sacramento State University and was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 1997 MLB Draft. He played for multiple minor league baseball teams in the Mariner’s organization. After some time, he decided to transition into coaching and give back to the game of baseball. 

You can find Coach Harv on the field these days, mentoring youth athletes and leading them to follow their own dreams. From helping kids improve their performance on the field to helping their mindset while playing, Coach Harv has a major impact on these kid’s baseball lives.

KazShort | The Importance of Your LinkedIn Headline | Podcast

KazShort | The Importance of Your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline can lead to a conversation. In this episode, we discuss creating your LinkedIn headline. Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of how your LinkedIn headline can lead to new opportunities. And how the content you share on LinkedIn relates to the first line people read about you.

Entrepreneur Perspectives on Athletes Building a Brand with Mike Vernace

EP048: Perspectives on Athletes Building a Brand with Mike Vernace

Learn, give, pass, and shoot! Our guest today is Mike Vernace, Founder of Shiftd Hockey. Mike is a repeat guest of the podcast and came on to talk about many topics including athletes building a brand. Mike is a professional hockey player from Toronto, Ontario. 

He has played in multiple professional leagues including the NHL and currently plays overseas in Denmark. In the NHL, Mike played for the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. Mike was drafted in 2004 by the San Jose Sharks and was awarded first all-rookie team in the 2004-5 season of the Ontario Hockey League.     

Mike is focused not only on his game but also Shiftd Hockey. Mike is a true entrepreneur. With his passion for the game, he gives back by providing Hockey IQ Training which is critical in today’s analytical sports world. The Shiftd team reviews video footage of hockey players and breaks it down and then provides a detailed analysis combining relevant statistics and notes. This is all included in a player report that contains observations and recommendations. They also provide 1-to-1 learning with the players. 

In this episode, Mike and Eric discuss: the hockey offseason, creating content, and overcoming obstacles. 

KazShort | Saying No to a Networking Event | Entrepreneur Perspectives

KazShort | Saying No to a Networking Event

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we introduce a new form of content we are creating called KazShort — a short form podcast episode with ideas you can apply to your business immediately. Look for new KazShort episodes every Wednesday afternoon. These episodes will consist of short segments helping you the entrepreneur, build and protect your business.

In this episode we discuss networking events. There are pros and cons to networking events. As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. Attending a networking event may limit the time you have to spend on building your business.

Smashing the Plateau Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

EP047: Smashing the Plateau Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

Becoming an entrepreneur. This episode is a guest appearance Eric Kasimov had on the Smashing the Plateau podcast. This hit podcast hosted by David Shriner-Cahn is a show that helps entrepreneurs overcome the roadblocks on their way to success. 

David asked Eric to come onto his podcast and talk about how we created a content marketing company and how other entrepreneurs can apply these ideas to their business. 

Thank you to David and the Smashing the Plateau podcast. It was an absolute honor for us to be featured by them and we would encourage you to check out their podcast on Apple or Stitcher. 

In this episode, David and Eric discuss: becoming an entrepreneur, content marketing as the ultimate insurance policy, and finding 1 fan. 

Enjoying the Prospecting Process | Eric Kasimov and James Pagano

EP046: Perspectives of a Business Coach with James Pagano

Don’t overcomplicate things. Eric welcomes James Pagano to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode, they discuss The Growth Coach, obstacles in business, and the New Jersey Devils.

James Pagano is the Owner of The Growth Coach of Charlotte. James launched his business because he understands many of the challenges small business owners and sales professionals face each and every day. He has over 30 years of experience in business ownership and held various corporate positions.  

James’s practice allows him the opportunity to share his experiences, provide third-party perspective, and work through a proven and sound process of professional development with many Charlotte-area entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 

We have known James for many years and not only is he one of the most genuine people you will meet, he can give you practical advice that will make a difference for you and your business immediately. Because of all that, we’re super excited to have James on this podcast.  

Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Float Therapy Business Owner with Tyler Johnson

EP045: Perspectives of a Float Therapy Business Owner with Tyler Johnson

We all need to slow down and disconnect. In this episode, we discuss floating, how to market a unique business, and relaxation. 

Our guest today is Tyler Johnson. Tyler is the Founder and Owner of First Float. First Float is a wellness center helping individuals reach their next level in performance. First Float focuses on three main areas of relaxation and healing – massage therapy, flotation therapy, and halotherapy. First Float’s services are centered around float therapy. Tyler walks us through exactly what float therapy is in this podcast.   

Tyler is from Indianapolis, Indiana and recently moved to the Charlotte area where he now runs his business. First Float is located in Huntersville, North Carolina.  

EP044: Perspectives on Safe Tackling in Football with Spencer Smith

EP044: Perspectives on Safe Tackling in Football with Spencer Smith

Heads Up, Hit Low, Hold On. Our guest today is Spencer Smith, Founder and Owner of Triple H Tackling Academy. Spencer is a repeat guest of the podcast. Talking football, sports, and entrepreneurship are things we all love, so bringing Spencer back for another episode was an easy decision. Triple H Tackling Academy teaches safe tackling techniques.  

Spencer attended college and played football at the University of Hawaii. Spencer currently trains young kids, high school players, college athletes, and NFL players on the art of tackling. 

Spencer lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife and his daughter, Audrie. Audrie was kind enough to join us for this episode. 

In this episode we discuss rule changes in football, tackling support for local football associations, and Drake. 

The Gametime Guru Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

EP043: The Gametime Guru Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

Sports bring people together. This episode is a guest appearance we had on The Gametime Guru podcast. The Gametime Guru podcast hosted by Shane Larson is a show where Shane discusses topics on and off the field. In this episode, we discuss the story behind SportsEpreneur, role players in business, and The Buckeyes. Shane Larson asked us to come onto his podcast and talk about how sports and business relate, so of course, we chat about SportsEpreneur and his favorite article from that content platform titled, “Sports Bring People Together”.

And with Shane being a fellow Buckeye fan, we had to discuss Ohio State—with a business touch of course.

Thank you to The Gametime Guru for having us on the podcast. It was an absolute honor to be featured on the podcast and we would encourage you to check out his show on Apple, Spotify or Stitcher.

Anytime we are given an opportunity to chat with entrepreneurs like Shane, The Gametime Guru, we are grateful. Thank you, Shane!

Entrepreneur Perspectives of a Business Credit Expert with Ty Crandall

EP042: Perspectives of Business Credit Expert with Ty Crandall

Why you need to be aware of your business credit. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Ty Crandall to discuss business credit, learning, and listening at 2.5x speed.

Ty Crandall is the CEO of Credit Suite. With Credit Suite, Ty consults with and advises companies on business credit building and scoring. He is also an internationally known speaker, author, and business credit expert. With over 17 years of financial experience, Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business financing. Simply put, Ty Crandall and his team teach companies exactly how to build business credit for their business.

Ty lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two children, and is an avid pilot and sailor in his free time.