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The Podcasters Mindset For a Leader in Professional Services | Mike Elkins and Eric Kasimov

EP092 | The Podcasters Mindset

Thinking of starting your own podcast? Good. Now let’s talk about the podcasters mindset! There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to podcasting. Allow two experienced podcasters that both own their business (one in marketing and insurance and the other in legal) help you understand what to think about when it comes to podcasting and content in general. If you are a lawyer, financial advisor, insurance agent, or business professional, we hope this chat helps disclose some truth behind starting a podcast — all of it to help you build the podcasters mindset. 


If you are in a professional services business, you are probably thinking, why would I have a podcast?

Let this conversation be your guide as to why you should have a podcast as an individual in a professional service business.

While this chat is some months old, it is absolutely applicable right now. Since this chat, the individual Eric speaks with, Michael Elkins started his own lawn firm, MLE Law in Miami, Florida. There are references to his old firm which proves that creating content applies to both someone at a larger firm and someone running their own business.

The bottom line is, if you are a business leader with specific thoughts to share, you should consider creating content either on your own or with a team.

We hope you enjoy this chat about podcasting with both Eric Kasimov of KazSource and Michael Elkins of MLE Law.