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Foundation Series on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast

Foundation | Staying Active, How to Take a Break, and Cash Value Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is a major topic among many. It’s a confusing market for sure. In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Mitch Long discusses new trends in the long term care market. 

As a consumer, there is a wide range of options when it comes to long term care coverage. In this episode, Mitch explains the benefits of these new long term care products. Listen to this Life Insurance Bit to hear the newest trends in the long term care market. 

Jill Salzman | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best | EP Podcast by KazSource

EP122 | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best with Jill Salzman

Sassy, energetic, brave, fun, and brainstormy (is that a word–it is now!) all wrapped up into this one and only episode with Jill Salzman! Jill is the founder and leader of The Founding Moms and host of the new hit podcast, “Why Are We Shouting?”. Jill is also a speaker, author, and innovator. Her organization, … Read more

Ryan Skinner | I'm Not Wired for Jail | From Prison to Mentorship

EP121 | I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner

From Addiction and Prison to Success and Mentorship. A second chance story that you need to hear. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Ryan Skinner, President of Summit Financial Partners, a Massachusetts based firm and the author of “Taking Stock“.  Ryan’s story includes a serious battle with addiction. His addiction and behavior landed Ryan … Read more

Danny Nessim | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer

EP120 | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim

Way more than just a PEO discussion. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Danny Nessim, Founder & Owner of A&C Management, a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm.  Eric and Danny connect on stories of family members that dealt with persecution in Europe in the early-mid 1900s, their kids playing soccer, and an educational … Read more

Discussing the Covid-19 Relief Bill, the CARES Act with Randy Newton

EP111 | Discussing the COVID-19 Relief Bill, the CARES Act with Randy Newton

Talking the ins and outs of the new Federal Coronavirus Relief Bill, the CARES Act. In this episode, we chat with Randy Newton, CPA and Partner at Lodestar Tax & Accounting, PLLC.  Randy is a licensed certified public accountant in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Randy uses a proactive tax planning model that streamlines, simplifies and works to … Read more

Uncertainty Creates Opportunity, Attack the Opportunity | EP Podcast

EP110 | Uncertainty Creates Opportunity, Attack the Opportunity

There is always opportunity when things are uncertain. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mitch Long, an insurance advisor with KazSource Insurance Group. We discuss the crisis, COVID-19, that is happening right now and how the uncertainty around it may lead to new opportunities. People are afraid and more available than ever and may … Read more

Expert Insight Into Life Insurance: Bobby Samuelson | Life Product Review

EP105 | Expert Insight into the Life Insurance Industry with Bobby Samuelson

Having passion and drive in your niche can lead to great success. In this episode, we chat with Bobby Samuelson of The Life Product Review. We discuss developing an idea for a business, the insurance industry, and finding your niche. 

The Life Product Review provides independent and objective life insurance product intelligence through podcasts and content on life insurance issues and quantitative reviews of new product offerings.

We are grateful Bobby gave us his time to have this discussion around finding your niche and the insurance industry. This podcast episode goes to show you that if you have the passion and drive for what you do, you can be successful as an entrepreneur in your field.

We are excited to feature Bobby Samuelson on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 

What Customer Service Should Be | KazIns | EP Podcast

EP096 | What Customer Service Should Be

Do you genuinely value your customers? Customer service is a bit of a buzz word that is thrown around by many companies. These companies feel that just by saying it, they are actually providing good customer service. 

Customer service is a lot more than just a word. It’s a constant and consistent action. Mitch Long of KazInsurance does not hold a customer service rep position, but he sure acts like he does.

Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to hear the thoughts of Eric Kasimov and Mitch Long on customer service. 

Perspectives on Building KazSource from Scratch | EP Podcast

EP088 | Perspectives on Building KazSource from Scratch with Eric Kasimov

Building KazSource from scratch. In this episode, Eric Kasimov, founder of KazSource, continues on the topic of how he built KazSource from the ground up. Eric tells the story of how his family helped inspire him to become an entrepreneur and build his own business. We hope the continued story behind our business provides valuable insight and gives you, the entrepreneur, a better idea of what we do in our business. 

With a passion for helping entrepreneurs build a protect their business, we hope you enjoy this episode with Eric Kasimov.