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Life Insurance Bit | Life Insurance For Young Professionals?

Are you a young professional? In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mitch Long of KazSource Insurance to discuss young professionals and life insurance.

Young professionals may not currently be in need of life insurance and term cases may never pay out for them. However, it is important to understand the life insurance process and what options you may have to protect your future. 

In this episode Mitch talks about what he would tell his younger-self about acquiring life insurance. Listen to this life insurance podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better overall understanding of how young professionals can protect their life. 

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The Heart of Selling Life Insurance

Selling life insurance is way more than products, strategies, and selling… People often ask me about trends I’m seeing in the life insurance market these days. It’s a vague question, but I suspect the people asking want to hear about premium finance, deferred compensation, long-term care, and other strategies. Or maybe the conversation is supposed to be product-specific, around…

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9 Common Mistakes We See in Insurance Planning for Business Professionals

All clients have unique circumstances and needs. This creates confusion during the insurance planning process. Through the many conversations we have had, we have identified 9 common mistakes that business professionals make with the implementation of insurance strategies.   1. Failure to review buy/sell agreements when insurance planning A business owner has done all the planning and completed a…