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Graduation Season Reimagined | KazSource blog

Graduation Season Reimagined

Oh, the joys of graduation season, right? The grand processions, caps soaring through the air, tight hugs, endless photo sessions, celebratory parties, and that quintessential rite of passage. And speakers – my gosh, the speakers! They come bearing updates, stories, names, lessons, and the unspoken “look at me” aura. Don’t get me wrong. Not all … Read more

Revolutionizing Sports Betting Through Web3 Integration

Revolutionizing Sports Betting Through Web3 Integration

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we chat with Neil Zhang, the entrepreneur behind Frontrunner. Frontrunner is an innovative decentralized sports prediction market that aims to transform the way fans, investors, and sports betting enthusiasts engage with sports. Yes, we are talking about revolutionizing sports betting… Learn how Frontrunner merges finance, sports betting, and blockchain … Read more

Be Uncommon | Entrepreneur Perspectives

Be Uncommon with Tim Kight

An episode that gives hard truths and examples about the pursuit to be uncommon. This episode is with Tim Kight — founder of Focus3 and a leadership coach for many significant companies and elite sports organizations — that includes being one of the key people part of the Ohio State Buckeyes 2014 National Championship team. … Read more

Don't be an amateur at your life | Tim Kight

Don’t Be an Amateur at Your Life with Tim Kight

Leadership speaker, writer, and coach Tim Kight tells truths you need to hear in this episode. As he says, “you need to be emotionally agile…except most people are fragile.” This Entrepreneur Perspectives episode features Tim Kight, founder of Focus 3. We discuss: “don’t be an amateur at your life”, emotional agility, dealing with traffic, predictability, … Read more

NFT Renaissance | Web3 Education with OutKast NFT Co-Founder Tatted Lawyer

NFT Renaissance | Web3 Education with OutKast NFT Co-Founder Tatted Lawyer

“You don’t have to be what society expects.” -Tatted Lawyer | A conversation about the opportunities, creativity, and communities with NFTs — intertwined with art, music, Web3, the metaverse, and sports. This is an NFT Renaissance podcast series. The creativity happening in the NFT / Web3 space is fascinating! Wait until you see what the … Read more