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Uncertainty Creates Opportunity, Attack the Opportunity | EP Podcast

EP110 | Uncertainty Creates Opportunity, Attack the Opportunity

There is always opportunity when things are uncertain. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mitch Long, an insurance advisor with KazSource Insurance Group. We discuss the crisis, COVID-19, that is happening right now and how the uncertainty around it may lead to new opportunities. People are afraid and more available than ever and may … Read more

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Life Settlements | Audio Snippets From Podcast Episode 022

Podcast episodes lead to audio / video snippets that can educate and inspire. These are the audio snippets from Life Settlement Specialist, Jamie Mendelsohn. Jamie was featured on our podcast Entrepreneur Perspectives | Episode 022.   In every podcast episode, the things our guests say become knowledge for us (you). The audio snippets we share inspired … Read more

A Life Insurance Agent's Perspective

My Perspective as a Life Insurance Agent

I don’t usually comment on entertainment news, but recent news struck a chord with me—first Carrie Fisher, then her mother, Debbie Reynolds, both dead within two days. Because both women were celebrities, we all know about their deaths, but I’m not thinking about their movies today. I’m thinking about their family. What must it be … Read more